iDeals Virtual Data Room Pricing & Plans

Professionals from over 20 industries trust iDeals to be their secure virtual data room provider.
We recognize diverse needs of our clients and offer flexible pricing for our services.

  • Basic
    Self-service tool for small one-time projects.
    Basic Features. No Customization. Email Support.
    discounts for longer terms
    1 Project
    20 Users 5 Administrators
    1 GB Storage 1 GB ≈ 1,000 files or 10,000 pages
    • Basic Plan Includes:
    • Basic Data Room Features
    • No Customization
    • Email Support in English
    • Online Help Center
    • ISO 27001 & SOC 2 Compliance
    • Data Centers in US, Europe and Asia
    • See all features
  • Pro
    Complete solution for mission-critical projects.
    Advanced Features. Customizable. 24/7 Support.
    Pay As You Go
    fixed fee or billed monthly / quarterly / annually
    Multiple Projects
    Unlimited Users Unlimited Administrators
    Flexible Cloud Storage Charged by GBs or pages
    • Pro Plan Includes:
    • Advanced Data Room Features
    • Live Trainings & Project Management
    • 24/7 Email & Phone Support in 12 Languages
    • Custom Branding (Corporate Identity)
    • Custom Invitations and Login Page
    • Custom Terms of Access
    • Q&A Process Management
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  • Enterprise
    Advanced platform for custom workflows.
    On-Premise. API Integrations. Compliance.
    Fixed Budget
    billed annually
    Multiple Projects
    Per-User Licensing or Unlimited Users Licensing
    Unlimited Cloud Storage or On-Premise Storage
    • Everything in Pro, Plus:
    • On-Premise Deployment
    • White Label & Custom Domain
    • Active Directory & Single Sign On
    • API Integrations
    • Premier Technical Support
    • Custom Workflows and Features
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Pricing $150 / Month Pay As You Go Fixed Budget
Storage Included 1 GB
1,000 files or 10,000 pages
Flexible Cloud Storage
Charged by GBs or pages
On-Premise Deployment
or Unlimited Cloud Storage
Additional Storage $ 120/Month per Extra GB
25 % discount for 5-9 GBs
50 % discount for 10+ GBs
Number of Projects 1 Project
$100/Month per Extra Project
Multiple Multiple
Number of Users 20 Users
5 Administrators
$100/Month per Extra 20 Users and 5 Administrators
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Administrators
Per-User Licensing
or Unlimited Users Licensing
Number of Administrators
USB Flash Drive Archive additional fee additional fee additional fee
Long Term Discounts Billed Quarterly - 20% off
Billed Annually - 33% off
Contact Sales Contact Sales
Support, Trainings &
Project Management
Basic Unlimited 24/7 Premier 24/7
Live Trainings with Expert Unlimited Unlimited
Support Email 24/7 Email & Phone Premier, 24/7 Email & Phone
Support Response 4 hours 30 minutes 30 minutes
Support Languages English 12 Languages 12 Languages
Help Center
Dedicated Project Manager
Professional Services
Project Index Portfolio by Industry
Customization Not Available All Included All Included
Custom Branding
Custom Login Page
Custom Invitation Letter
Custom Terms Of Access
Custom Watermarks
Document Management Basic All Included All Included
All Major File Formats
Drag and Drop Upload
Desktop Upload & Sync
Bulk Operations
Automatic Index Numbering
File Versions
File Merging
Additional File Formats
Multilingual Document Index
Index Import from Excel, Word, etc.
Document Security Basic All Included All Included
Granular Document Permissions
View-Only Access
Dynamic Watermarks
8 Levels of Document Access
DRM & Remote Shred
Secure Fence View
User Management Basic All Included All Included
Single or Bulk User Invitation
Roles and Groups Management
Granular User Access Control
Access Expiration by Time
Access Restriction by IP
Tracking & Reports Basic All Included All Included
Track User Activity
Detailed Audit Trail
Graphic Reports
Summary Reports
Export to Excel
Scheduled Reports sent by Email
Ease of Use Basic All Included All Included
No Plugins
Multilingual Access 12 Languages 12 Languages 12 Languages
Desktop Sync
Mobile Access
Mobile Apps for iOS & Android
Scroll-Through Document Viewer
Secure Spreadsheet Viewer
Full Text Search
Optical Character Recognition
Collaboration Basic All Included All Included
Questions & Answers Advanced Workflows Advanced Workflows
Email Alerts
Notes & Comments
Link Sharing
Data Hosting, Security & Availability Basic All Included All Included
Deployment Options Public Cloud Public or Private Cloud On-Premise, Public or Private Cloud
Data Hosting Locations iDeals Datacenters in 9 Regions iDeals Datacenters in 9 Regions Client's Datacenters,
iDeals Datacenters in 9 Regions
99.95 % Uptime Guaranteed by SLA Guaranteed by SLA
ISO 27001 & SOC 2 Compliance
Complex Password Policies
Two-Factor Authentication
Virus Scanning
Enterprise Customization Not Available Optional All Included
White Label & Custom Domain additional fee
Active Directory & Single Sign On additional fee
Customer-Managed Encryption Keys additional fee
API Integrations additional fee
Custom Workflows and Features additional fee

Frequently Asked Questions

The Basic plan would be ideal for small companies and one-time projects since it includes only basic features and limited support for a fixed monthly fee. Subscription for this plan can be upgraded to Pro at any time.

The Pro plan introduces more options such as custom branding, advanced Q&A, additional security options, unlimited 24/7 support by phone and email, and dedicated project manager that speaks your language. This is our most popular plan which is ideal for mid-size companies and advisors that perform mid-cap or high-value deals and run multiple projects. For the Pro plan, charging is occurred on per GBs or pages uploaded basis.

We offer the Enterprise plan for large corporations and multiple long-term projects. This plan covers on-premise deployment, white label, custom domain, single sign-on, API integration and other advanced highly-customizable features. In addition, a fixed budget with annual billing is applied that includes flexible amount of project, storage and unlimited or per-user licensing.

If you consider buying Pro or Enterprise subscription, we suggest you have a short briefing with one of our sales managers first.

If you are subscribed for the Basic Plan with monthly billing, you can be charged monthly $ 100 per 1 additional project, $ 100 per 5 additional Administrators and $ 120 per 1 extra GB. Also, discounts are applied for quarterly and annual billing.

Alternatively, you can upgrade your Basic subscription to Pro version with flexible amount of projects, storage and unlimited Administrators. In that case, we kindly ask you to contact us or just submit pricing inquiry prior to changing the subscription.

We accept checks for the US region and wire transfers for other regions. We also accept Visa and MasterCard.

We receive payments in:

  • Euros;
  • British Pounds;
  • U.S. Dollars;
  • Hong Kong Dollars;
  • Australian Dollars;

No, this is totally up to you to decide if you wish to continue using iDeals Virtual Data Room after the trial.

Yes, you can use your trial data room for transactions: there are no restrictions on the data room functionality and you are provided with the full customer support during your trial period.

Your trial data room can be automatically converted to subscription according to the selected plan. There is no need to re-upload any files that have been previously uploaded to your trial data room.

Yes, you can distribute your storage value between all active data rooms you are using.

Yes, but you would need to contact our sales department prior to changing the plan.

Yes, you can get fully compliant offline version of your data room on USB Flash Drive. It usually takes 2 business days to prepare the drive and deliver it to your location, depending on the region. Please note that you need to contact our customer service department or submit inquiry to get the data room archive.

Over $ 100 bln in Capital Sold Using the iDeals™ Virtual Data Room Platform

See why thousands of companies of all sizes choose iDeals as their virtual data room provider.

  • iDeals Solutions has been a global provider of secure file sharing services since 2008. Since the beginning, our primary goal has always been to provide not only the most secure but simple, user-friendly and smooth due diligence experience. We have been trusted by clients from corporate finance, investment banking, legal, real estate, energy and IT security industry.

    Adam Lancaster Investment Banking Group,
    Performance Trust Capital Partners
  • iDeals' data room platform combines user-friendly interface and comprehensive functions. In addition, their diverse reporting system is extremely helpful when you need some analytic data about your data room. I would hate to switch to another system.

    Jeff Hsu Regulatory Affairs,
    Sorrento Therapeutics Inc.
  • One of the best virtual data room platforms I have come across. Easy to navigate and manage, highly customizable, exceptionally competitive on price. A great option both for sophisticated users as well as novices.

    Alexey Zykov Investment Banking Group,
  • Speaking as an administrator who has used other services, the iDeals' interface is very user friendly and their file management system saved me a lot of time. I also have to give a special mention to their technical support team, they were always readily available to answer my questions. This personalized aspect is very important for business users like myself who are time pressed and in need of timely solutions.

    Mark Li Real Estate Investments,
    Harvest Capital Partners
  • The projects we undertook were really fine, especially considering the virtual data room we have done quite well because the interface of the VDR was pretty easy to use, together with some pretty useful functions.

    Asad Aftab Corporate Finance,
  • We continually use virtual data rooms provided by iDeals, the interface is friendly, everything works fine. I am willing to recommend iDeals as a reliable and responsible partner.

    Hakon L. Akerlund IT Security,
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